This week, Google announced the Google Home device and finally creates competition for the Amazon Echo.  The question is, are they too late to the game!

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions and tell it to do things and it should obey you.  It’s the same old “OK Google” command we’ve had with Google Now.  Say the keyword and Google waits for your next commands to come through and then tries to work out what you want to perform the required actions.

I use this feature frequently on my Nexus 6P Phone and it works well most of the time.  It claims to constantly learn your voice and get better over time but mine seems pretty good from the start.  Google have now taken this one step further with the Google Assistant technology not only built into the Google Home product, but also the new Pixel phones.  The one advantage Google has over Amazon is access to your information and Google entire eco-system of search engines and a history of information about you.  Saying “Good Morning” to the Google Home triggers an overview of your day, from you meetings to the weather and who knows what else.  The potential for Google in this area is huge and potentially scary to some people who take privacy seriously.  Time will tell, but from the outset it looks like

According to Google, the speaker system is also top notch featuring a High Excursion speaker, but no where do they really give any details.  If the speaker is good and the voice recognition works well then Google may have a winner on its hands,   Only time will tell.

Google Home Open Top


When your ready to make a your purchase, head over to the Google Play Store and pre-order now for $129.  Actual devices are scheduled to ship on November.

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